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Cold Biga Pizza Recipe with Stone Ground Flour


Flour Antiqua Tipo 1  strong               500gr

Water                                                      300gr

Fresh yeast                                                 5gr


Cold Biga dough 24h

Biga dough                                                           

Flour Antiqua tipo 1  medium               500gr

Water                                                          350gr

Extra virgin olive oil                                  30gr

Salt                                                               20gr


Final dough


Preparation Biga: Pour the flour, water, and yeast for the biga into the mixer. Mix for 3 minutes on first speed, using reverse for half the time if available. The dough should remain very rough but without free flour. The final temperature of the biga should be 20-21°C.

Maturation Biga: 18 hours in the fridge at +4°C in a container with a lid but not sealed. The biga should always be able to breathe.

Final Dough: Insert the refreshment flour, mature biga, and water and salt into the mixer. Start on first speed for about 5 minutes. When the biga is well distributed and the dough begins to cord, bring to second speed, if available, and form the gluten matrix perfectly. As the last ingredient, add the oil and let it absorb completely. The final temperature of the dough should be about 23/24°C.

Rest: Transfer to the workbench and let rest at room temperature for 15 minutes covered with a cloth. Portioning and Shaping: Break off a weight of 280g and form the pizza balls. Transfer to the pizza trays putting 12 balls each.

Maturation: Allow to mature for a maximum of 18/20 hours in the fridge at +4°C.

Leavening: Complete the leavening at room temperature for 2/3 hours before use.

Cooking: Gently roll out the balls on ample flour or dusting, season, transfer to the peel, and cook in an oven at 330-350°C for about 2/3 minutes.

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