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Rye Sourdough


How to create a rye sourdough starter from 0

Mix 600g of warm water (45°C) with 40g of wheat bran to make the "bran milk." After 2 minutes, once the bran has fallen to the bottom, take 300g of liquid and throw away the bran and remaining liquid. Knead the 300g of filtered liquid with 250g of whole rye flour for 5 minutes until a dough with a temperature of about 30°C is obtained. Keep this dough warm at about 25°C (on a radiator, for example) for 24 hours. This will expand, a sign that the yeast is active and producing CO2. Also, the dough will become more acidic and its pH will decrease, indicating that bacteria are performing lactic and/or acetic fermentation.



Day 2 and 3

Refresh the starter once a day using the following proportions: 150g starter, 150g whole rye flour, and 180g water at 30°C and ferment for 24 hours at 20°-25°C.

Day 4 and 5

Refresh the starter more frequently: twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Your starter will be ready on the morning of day 6. You can use it in production or store it in the refrigerator if you don't need it that day. After taking it out of the refrigerator, it will need to be refreshed multiple times before using it in production.

What management to use

The starter is ready, how to manage it best?

There are two possibilities for managing our starter:

  1. at room temperature, refresh the rye sourdough starter every 6 hours, keeping it between 22/24°C

  2. at controlled temperature, refresh the rye sourdough starter once a day for about 2 hours at 24/26°C and keep it at 4°C for the remaining hours."

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