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High-hydratation bread

High-hydration bread recipe with 24-hour fermentation using stone-ground flour


Flour Antiqua Tipo 2 strong            200gr

Flour Antiqua tipo 2 Medium          800gr

Water                                                     750gr                                                    300gr

Salt                                                           20gr



Li.Co.Li preparation: Refresh the Yeast (starting Ph 3.9/3.8) with the kneading method using a 1-2-1.6 ratio (yeast-flour-water) and let it triple at room temperature and then place it in the refrigerator for about 18 hours. Before putting it in the refrigerator, the Ph should be about 4.1/4.2.

Autolysis: Pour the flour and water (60% of flour weight) into the mixer and mix the ingredients on first speed until a rough dough forms. Let rest for 30 minutes in the mixer or in a container.

Dough: Start on first speed by adding the matured Li.Co.Li and develop the gluten perfectly. Once it's perfectly kneaded, gradually add the remaining water and salt, allowing them to be absorbed completely. The final temperature of the dough should be about 24/25°C.

Bulk Fermentation: Transfer to a container and place in a fermentation cell at 28°C for about 3 hours, doing a reinforcement fold after 2 hours to stabilize the fermentation temperatures.

Division and Shaping: Divide and shape into balls of desired weight and let rest for 20 minutes at a temperature of about 23/24°C. After the rest, shape into loaves and place on previously floured cloths or baskets.

Proofing: Place the loaves in a maturation cell at 18°C for about 5/6 hours or 4°C for 12/18 hours.

Baking: Proceed with single scoring. Bake at 240°C with abundant humidity in the oven for the first 25 seconds. Open the valve and continue baking until the desired color is achieved.

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