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Mixed-levitation croissant recipe with 24-hour fermentation 


Flour                                                     1000gr

Sugar                                                      140gr

Whole egg                                              50gr

Fresh yeast                                            30gr

Water                                                    405gr

Salt                                                          20gr   Butter                                                     150gr

Orange paste                                        20gr

Vanilla                                                       2gr

Laminated butter                             500gr


Dough: Place all ingredients except butter and salt in the mixer and knead on first speed. Once the dough is smooth and homogeneous and the gluten network is formed, switch to second speed and add the butter in two parts with the salt dissolved in a small amount of water.

Rest: 15 minutes in bulk

Division: Divide dough into 1/4 ratio (1kg butter/4kg dough)

Overnight rest: Cover dough and place in refrigerator for 16 hours at 1°C

Laminating: Incorporate the butter (either by envelope or book method) give a 4+3 fold and place the dough in refrigerator for about 1 hour.

Shaping: Roll out in a sheeter to 3.5mm and cut into 8x30 croissants, roll them up.

Proofing: Let croissants proof at 26°C and 70% humidity for about 3 hours.

Baking: Brush croissants with egg wash and bake at 200°C for 20 minutes.

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