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Fresh cheese focaccia

Cheese focaccia recipe with 24-hour fermentation using stone-ground flour

Flour Antiqua Tipo 1 strong         1000gr

Water                                                 530gr

Extra virgin olive oil                         100gr

Salt                                                         10gr



Dough: Add all ingredients to the mixer and knead on first speed for about 8 minutes.

Rest: 20 minutes in bulk

Division: Divide into balls and place in 60x40 trays

Fermentation: Let ferment for 24 hours at 4°C.

Processing: prepare the classic "copper pan" with oil and stretch the dough with the help of the wrists to make it thin, place it on the tray and fill it with crescenza cheese. Roll out another sheet and cover the entire tray. Cut the edges, pierce the dough and bake at 320°C.

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